Journey To Your New Home

Please note these time frames may vary dependent on work load and other matters outside K.D. Groom Homes control. 
Organise your colour selections as soon as possible. NO COLOURS = NO HOME START!
Finance please ensure that the builder receives a copy of your finance approval from your lender
Approval Form 24 or a rates notice: Evidence that the lot has settled into your name is required to obtain a building approval

  • Contract Signing and Acceptance

    After your initial deposit has been received, contracts will be raised for signing. Once you have signed and returned the contracts with ALL of the other supporting documentation, the builder will sign in acceptance.  A full copy of the builders accepted contracts will then be sent back to you, copy to your lender on request.

  • Soil Test and Site Surveys

    These items will be ordered once you have UNCONDITIONAL finance approval OR have authorised  K.D. Groom Homes to proceed with the works.

  • Drafting and Working Plans

    Your full working drawings will be ordered once we have received your soil tests, site surveys and UNCONDITIONAL finance approval.

  • Engineering

    After receiving the working drawings the slab design will be prepared by the relevant engineers. 

  • Council Approval

    After the slab design is received,  all required information is sent to council so a building approval can be obtained. NO work can commence until the building and plumbing approvals have been received by the builder. This is for a house not a duplex.

  • Commencement of Work

    The builder will occupy the site within 20 days of receiving ALL building approvals.